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What Is A Three Centered Decision?

Sometimes you can rely upon your intuition and fail to factor in practical considerations, but other times you may hold make logical decisions that just don’t feel quite right. This is where using a three centered decision method can help. 

All of us make decisions all day long and, when we’re doing that, we are probably using a third or less of the innate intelligence that we have available to us. A three centered decision is one that comes from all three centers of intelligence available to us: the mind, the heart and the body. 

It is likely that you are reading and processing this article using your mind, as that is the center of intelligence that we normal prioritise above the others. It is an ingrained habit in us to listen to the rational, practical voice in our head. Listening to our mind center is not necessarily an issue, but it is important to check in with all three centers to really get a full picture of how you feel about the decision.  

Being able to listen to all three centers means that we can make truly authentic choices, rather than being influenced by outside forces, old habits or limiting beliefs. You may even relate to the feeling of not being fully aligned with a decision, and this is likely to be because there was resistance in one or more of your intelligence centers (i.e. my head says one thing but my heart says another).

The more that you practice making a three centered decision, the more natural and integrated this process will become. This means that you can improve the impact of the choices because all centers will, hopefully, become aligned and united behind the decision. Even if there isn’t full agreement, giving consideration to all three centers helps you to make a more informed choice. 

So what are the three centers?

  1. Mind Center

If your three centers are your decision-making council, the mind is normally the noisiest member! 

The mind is driven by a strong need for safety and security. This means that if we leave it alone to make decisions, it can cause us to stay in a fear-based place and can hinder growth. 

Whilst this does keep us out of trouble, such as in the case of deciding not to walk home alone in the dark, or avoiding out-of-date food, it also can stop us from following a path that may be right for us. 

On the other hand, the mind center is fantastic for helping us to look logically at the benefits and pitfalls of a decision. We take in all of the information, organise it and use it to make an informed choice. It can be really useful, as long as it stays unhindered by fears and old patterns. 

2. Heart Center

The heart center is where a lot of your natural feeling is held and is generally motivated by your need to belong. To be accepted. 

This center compels us to connect with others and build long-lasting, significant relationships, and to act with compassion.  Our heart center builds communities and is how we learn and teach, give and receive, and listen in a deeply devoted way. 

The downside of operating from the heart center alone is that you may be motivated by a need to avoid shame and may get tied up in knots trying to win the approval of your community and loved ones. 

If we can move past this and our heart center can operate free from constraints, it can lead us to a much more fulfilling life with service to the world and others at the heart. Decisions made with the support of the heart are done with generosity, compassion and love. 

3. Body Center

Within our body center, we make decisions from the motivation of our desires and our instinctual will. It has also been referred to as our creative energy center. 

This is where we follow our gut and allow ourselves to follow our curiosity as to the next step. Because it comes from a basal power, it can be a tremendous driver for moving ideas forward into action. 

The downside of relying solely on the body center is that we can experience very instinctive reactions when things do not work out as planned and may find ourselves angry and frustrated. Keeping grounded and staying centered in our body will help, but really the ideal is that all three centers work together. 

This way, the heart will whisper the inspiration, the mind can weigh up the risks and the body can drive us forward. 

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