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To My Boys: About Your Mother

To My Boys,

In this video I wanted to talk to you a bit about your mother and more specifically what I plan to do with my one wild and precious life.

It is my belief that I am here to spread my light and heal the world with love and play. I will empower boys and therefore tomorrow’s men to lead an unrestrained, unfettered life. My inner wisdom is strong, but I have been holding myself back. I promise you that I won’t do that anymore. 

It is time to let my song be heard by the world and I am being told that my writing and my voice is key. My pen is like a magic wand. With it, I will heal hearts, change minds and spread my light. 

There are three things that I think my soul is here to learn and teach on this planet. Fun, compassion and justice. This is what I want to say about them today.


Life is far too serious sometimes. We are forgetting how to play and connect to joy in our lives. Even our babies are being taught to sit quietly and learn like grown ups in the classroom. Play time is concertinaed, squeezed like a lemon into five minute slots here and there and is the first thing to be sacrificed when we are short on time. And we wonder why we have children growing up unable to imagine or be creative.

Fun is everything in life. Without fun, our lives are grey and monotone and we lose all motivation to give back. Fun is how we connect to others and ourselves. It is how we make room to hear messages from the universe and manifest miracles. Having fun and playing is where we tap into our creative genius and pave the way to a better world. None of us play nearly enough.


Love and compassion is how we will heal our hurts and reconnect a divided world. In these polarised times, compassion is how we will thrive and learn to live in harmony. Masculine and feminine. Black and white. Rich and poor. Adult and child. Tories and Labour supporters. Compassion will help us to overcome all roadblocks.

It is not always easy to come from a place of compassion but it is so important that we all get there in order to be happy, and not just with others, but in ourselves. In a place free of judgment, free of walls and free of hatred. When we all start to accept each other as we are and see through our mirror’s eyes, then we will be able to achieve a happier world together.


When we have truly embraced and learnt the lessons of love, fun and compassion across the globe, there may be no need for justice, but until then we need to embrace our inner warrior when necessary to defend the world from hatred, bigotry and division. It is up to us – the voices of love – to defend the earth and those who cannot yet speak for themselves – against those who would do them harm. 

This is my path and this is why I am here. And remember, sometimes to bring a light into the darkness, you have to walk into the cave and stand with the monsters.

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