Don’t take my word for it – here are what my clients and audience have said:

“Working with Sarah has been such a pleasure. I feel like a new woman 12 weeks on and am in awe of just how far I’ve come. Sarah’s superpower is her ability to see patterns and connect the dots; she’s able to use constructive feedback to deepen my understanding of myself and why I do particular things or feel a certain way. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and feel like I am living from my real power. I have newfound self-acceptance and genuinely feel that anything is possible. I can honestly see just how wonderful I am, which is something I would have thought impossible! I’m confident having difficult conversations, standing up for myself and putting myself out there to be seen—all of this in 12 weeks, it’s unreal and so magical. I’m excited to continue to grow and develop as I continue working with Sarah.

Seeing Sarah blossom over the past 12 weeks has also been a joy. She is such a natural, and I am confident she’ll go on to touch many women’s lives. She is empathetic and is genuinely able to hold space for whatever you are feeling. I highly recommend Sarah to everyone! I think one of the best things someone can do for themselves is to schedule a session with her; you won’t regret it, and you can be confident that you’ll be in safe hands. If you’re willing to lean in, she’s ready to hold your hand and guide you towards your higher self.” Evie Bamigbade, March-May 2020


“Sarah, I am in tears listening to every single word you express. You have touched my mind and heart. Thank you for finding/making time to gather your thinking and feelings and experiences, to create this critically important poem. Thank you for your courage to share it. I listen with not only my ears but also with my heart. I listen with focused intent to the richness and intentionality of each word chosen, of the beauty of your poetry, of the messages expressed and of the provocations it invokes. Thank you for many reasons – keep writing and sharing! You and your work is an act and gift of advocacy for a better society and for humankind.”


“Your poem speaks to all adults to stand up, face their demons, deal with them and hopefully treat the children better so that our world can change.”


“It was lovely to talk to someone who listened properly and then explained things very clearly. I felt very comfortable and able to discuss things easily.”


“I would like to thank you very much for your help in making this very difficult task easy to accomplish. It is something I have not done before and I was dreading the thought of sorting it out, but in the end, it was not too difficult. Thank you for your kind compassion. It was very much appreciated.”