Releasing Emotions Stored In The Body – My Top Tips

If you’ve had a time where you’ve been a bit overwhelmed by your emotions, whether that’s anger, sadness, or anxiety, or just moments where you have over-reacted to a relatively minor event, then you will find today’s video really useful.

In this article, I will give you some tips about releasing emotions stored in the body.

First, we need to have a quick talk about the emotions that we are seeing as negative. Society often refers to emotions like anger, fear, and sadness as negative, but I prefer to call them uncomfortable emotions with my clients because they can actually be really useful to guide us. They act as an alarm system for our body and tell us to pay attention to what’s going on. When we are clear of suppressed emotions, our anger, for example, can point to a boundary that someone has crossed.

Why Do We Need to Clear Past Emotions?

We tend to over-react to minor situations and catastrophize them.

This happens for two reasons:

(1) Our brains have not evolved much in the past 30,000 years, so we still react to modern stressors with the same fight, flight, or freeze responses that we brought through from the caveman days. This is our animal instincts.

(2) Our brains also have hard-wired into them a survival tactic that represses painful emotions into our unconscious so that we can cope. But these stay internal and try to resurface when we are triggered by a similar situation as the original event.

So How Do We Clear Emotions?

In the long term, getting clear on the uncomfortable emotions that you feel often, and the ones that you don’t often feel is really important. The ones that you don’t feel, especially if you never feel them, could be a sign of an emotional allergy, so it is important that we look at these too.

To let the emotions out, I have the following suggestions that have worked for some of my clients:

  • Moving your body – through dancing, walking, running. Dancing especially is really effective as it really helps to shift the emotion through your body.
  • Screaming into a towel or a pillow 
  • Vigorous exercise
  • A few drops of Rescue Remedy
  • Conscious breathing
  • Guided meditations – I have one that I work through with my clients 
  • Bringing mindful awareness to your emotions and watching them dissipate.

I would love to know, what has worked for you in the past for releasing your emotions?

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