When I first read about Morning Pages in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, I had no idea that they would go on to become such an integral part of my life. When it comes to morning pages, benefits totally outweigh the challenges. 

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, ideally done as soon as you wake in the morning. There is no prescribed way to do morning pages – just whatever comes up for you in the moment, get it down on paper. 

Here are some of the benefits:


I don’t know about you but as soon as I wake, I have a ton of stuff flying around my brain. Morning pages help me to channel that energy and get it out to give me clarity. They act as a brain dump that helps me to focus on what is really important for the day ahead. 


To be able to embrace your creativity, you first need to find it. For me, morning pages really connect me with that creative energy inside, especially when combined with what Julia Cameron coins “Artist’s Dates”. You discover things that have been hidden inside you, possibly for a long time.

Opens Communication 

Morning pages start a narrative between you and your inner critic. Your inner child. Your inner good girl. Your inner rebel. Inside of all of us, there are so many different parts, and by giving them a voice, it helps to balance out their influence on us day to day. For example, when we allow our inner critic to say what it is scared of, it makes it less likely to hold us back when we want to leap forward into new opportunities. Because that part of us has been seen and heard. 

Less Anxiety 

On a similar note, writing helps to sweep away anxiety.  Anger, jealousy, fear, vulnerability, procrastination…all of those emotions can be put on paper.  By getting this stuff out and looking at it, you realize it’s not so bad and it helps you to move on. 

More Ideas 

My morning pages can be an idea machine! So many new projects, videos, workshops have been dreamed up in my pages. 

The key thing to remember is that done is better than perfect. If the morning doesn’t work for you, do it in the afternoon or evening. And if 3 pages is too daunting, just start with 2. But give it a go. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. I would love to know – when do you find it easier to journal? In the morning or in the evening?