Morning Pages At Night

One of the questions that I am often asked by clients is whether you can do morning pages at night. As a mum of two young children, I totally understand this question, as I find it challenging some mornings to write in my journal first thing.

Morning pages are a habit first suggested by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way”. The idea is that you write three pages of stream of consciousness writing as soon as you wake in the morning.

There are some reasons why the morning is suggested:

  • You tend to get more insights in the morning as you are closer to that dream-like state where we can connect to our creativity and the intuitive part of us.
  • You can brain dump all of the chatter before the day begins and start with a clean slate.

On her website, Julia suggests that Morning Pages are for clarity before the day begins, whereas doing it in the evening would simply be downloading after it has happened. Both have benefits, but the magic in Morning Pages comes from starting the day with them.


When I’m talking to my clients, we try to find solutions to make morning pages work for them in the morning. BUT if this isn’t possible, I am of the view that done is better than perfect.

I would much rather a client get morning pages done at some point of the day than not get to them at all. There are so many benefits to morning pages that it would be a shame to miss out on those because you can’t tick all the boxes. Done is better than perfect in my view.

I hope that helps to clear up the question of whether you can do your morning pages at night.

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