Manage Your Mindset In Isolation

During this time of chaos and uncertainty, it is even more critical than ever before to manage your mindset in isolation and keep working on processing emotions. 

Hello, I’m Sarah – I’m a career coach for lawyers. Thanks for reading this article, where I’m going to give my top tips for managing your mindset during isolation. 

  1. Start each day with your morning pages – a three-page journalling exercise where you mind dump everything you are feeling. This can be a really great way to clear out the chatter in our heads before the day begins. To find out more, you can check out my other videos and articles about the benefits of morning pages.
  2. Make your bed every morning and get dressed. On the days I stay in jogging bottoms and don’t “get up” properly, I find it so much harder to get into momentum. From an emotional point of view, I do find this drags down my mood too and is more likely to keep me stuck rather than processing what comes up for me.
  3. Avoid watching the news first thing in the morning, and limit your exposure to it when you do watch. Starting the day with a negative input of news just diminishes your peace and impacts your fruitfulness throughout the day
  4. As feelings arise during the day, don’t stuff them down with chocolate or a glass of wine. Take a moment to feel them and identify them. Dance them out, cry them out, stamp them out. It is so important to flush them out of your body. Take some time to reflect as well on the reasons for your emotions. If you have snapped at someone because you are exhausted, this tells you that you need to be taking better care of your body. If you are anxious because of the constant chatter in your work WhatsApp group, maybe you need stronger boundaries around your working hours and when you will check your phone. 
  5. Connect with at least one loved one who lives outside your house, especially those who may be struggling or live alone. This is so important to keep you connected.
  6. Be kind to yourself. Some days this will all feel like a LOT to cope with. Take it easy and be sure to build in lots of activities that will soothe your mind, body, and soul. Sit in your garden and read a book, take a longer than usual bath or listen to some music that lights you up. 
  7. Straighten up the house a little before you go to bed. Clutter in the environment creates feelings of chaos. This is the tip I struggle with the most personally and am trying to work on!
  8. End the day with gratitude: even if you have had a challenging day, try to think of three things that you are truly grateful for. Try to make them specific and really feel into the gratitude as you think about them. 

I’d love to know – which action will you implement first? Let me know in the comments below.

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