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Life As A Lawyer: Too Kind & Caring?

“You know the real problem here? You care too much about your clients. Being too caring is a quick way to burn out.”

This was the advice I was given as a young lawyer when I was brave enough to admit that I was struggling with my workload.

And to put this into context, asking for help is a big deal for a lawyer. It is drilled into us to be independent. Show no weakness. Bravely wear our mask of success.

I was so afraid to ask for help for fear of being seen as a failure.

Perhaps, looking back, there was a lesson for me to learn about boundary setting. Or standing in my power. But I wasn’t given the opportunity to learn.

What are the lessons that we are giving our young lawyers?

That we have to be cold, distanced, and hard to be effective?

That it isn’t possible to show compassion to clients without them taking advantage of you?

I want to live in a world where lawyers can share their truth authentically with their colleagues & be supported. Where every lawyer can find fulfillment & make their unique difference in the world without compromising their happiness or abundance.

And I believe we can get there together. We just have to change the rhetoric. Join Me.

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