How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Fast!

You know those days where all seems to be going really well, and then BAM, something happens to send everything flying off track? On days like that, we need the tools to know how to get out of a bad mood quickly and that is exactly what we are going to learn today.

Whether you find yourself being derailed by some snarky feedback from a client or one of your children being off ill when you have an important day ahead, you will need to know how to get back on track. It is like first aid for our emotional energy. 

To be clear, a bad mood can look different for different people. Some people may go into full-on snappy mode – shouting and screaming at those around them. Perhaps instead, you find yourself falling into victim or martyr mode, feeling like the universe is out to get you, or telling yourself that you have to do everything alone.

Here are my 4 tips for how to get out of a bad mood, whatever that looks like for you:

  1. Movement

I cannot emphasise enough the power of changing your physical state. Stand up, stretch at your desk and wiggle your hips around. Even better, try and get out of the house or office and walk around in the fresh air for 5-10 minutes. By getting some air into your lungs and moving your body around, you will help to shake up your energy and release any pent up emotion, especially if the disrupting event has been an emotional one.

  1. Listen to Music

On a similar vein, there is nothing like dancing to a perfectly chosen piece of music to help shift your mood. When I worked as a lawyer, I would often lock my door and take five minutes dancing manically to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off when something big would rock my day, like a snotty client or unnecessarily rude opposing lawyer. Don’t get me started!

Think about the songs in your life that best lift your mood and leave your feeling energised and inspired. Line up a playlist ready to help you out in moments like these.

  1. Listen to Your Intuition

Feel into your inner wisdom about the situation and reflect on what has happened to see whether there is any way you could have handled it better, or a different energy you could bring. Perhaps you are rocked because someone has overstepped a boundary, or because you made a mistake when working long hours. There are lessons to be learnt in all of this and it can help you to frame your life in a way that these moments have less of an impact going forward. This step may be best to do after shifting the initial energy, perhaps later that day or the next morning you could sit and journal on it. 

  1. Boost your energy

Aligned to listening to your inner wisdom, also take some time to tune into your body and make sure that your basic needs have been met. Did you skip breakfast or have you been bursting for the loo for hours? Have you only drank coffee so far because you were up late last night? 

It might not be possible to fix the problem straight away, but by recognising it, you will get an idea of the bigger picture issues and offer yourself some love and compassion. There may also be a small action that you can take to help repair your energy now, and then you can prioritise an early night when you get home.

So that’s my 4 emergency tips for how to get out of a bad mood. What I would say though is that prevention is better than cure. If you have been finding yourself swinging in and out of a bad mood lately, it may be that you have some bigger issues to address to get more balance and to embrace more empowering energies going forward.

If you are interested in getting more support in this area, you can book a call with me on my website to discuss how I can help you to unleash a more powerful, authentic version of you so that you can have the impact that you are being called to make without burning out.

I hope you enjoyed this video – I’d love to know what is your favourite dance track to shift out of a bad mood? Let me know in the comments.


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