gabrielle bernstein super attractor

Gabrielle Bernstein Super Attractor

In this article, I am going to share the 5 lessons that I learnt from reading Gabrielle Bernstein Super Attractor.

I picked up this book at a time in my life when I needed reminding of the importance of trusting the universe, and it was just what I needed. Here’s what I learnt:

How to Manifest

Gabrielle teaches a simple process for manifesting that helps you to move past any negative thought cycles that you might be stuck in. Her choose-again method is really useful – she advises that you take notice of the thought, send forgiveness to it and then choose again. Using this method, we can choose a more loving thought and redirect our energy. 

Move Up The Emotion Ladder

This book taught me that you don’t have to leap from depressed or burnout to happy or ecstatic in one foul swoop. You just need to move up the ladder one step at a time. 

Don’t Wait for Reasons to Be Happy

If you are waiting to achieve something, like a goal weight or financial stage, you will never be truly happy. Instead of waiting for life to serve you reasons to be happy, you can choose to feel gratitude for what you have and be happy whilst still manifesting at the same time. Gabrielle reminds us that the goal is not just achievement but to have fun on the journey too.

Protect Your Energy

This step is really crucial. Look after your energy, not only in terms of making sure your basic needs are met, but also by watching the people that you spend time with. Trying to manifest something when hanging out with friends who complain or moan about that thing will make it a real challenge to get into the right energy to manifest.

Or Something Better

Finally, I loved the tip from Gabrielle to add “or something better” when manifesting your desires. This opens the door for possibilities that you might not have even thought of or imagined were possible.

Gabrielle’s website is full of meditations and writing prompts that will help you to embrace this energy so it is well worth checking out.

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