Emergency Self Care

If you’ve ever felt particularly stressed out during a busy time at work, and you know you have a tendency to put other people’s priorities above your own, then this video will be really useful for you. In today’s article, we will help you to recognize when you need to STOP and get some emergency self-care.

When working with my clients, we always start with the number one rule – first, replenish your energy. Here are my top five tips for coping when you need emergency self-care:


Look, I get it, you are rolling your eyes at this one because you feel like you have to burn the midnight oil to just get by. I’ve been there. I was a lawyer for a decade and used to do all the tricks, like scheduling emails so that clients wouldn’t know I sent them at 1 am…

But really you cannot underestimate the importance of this step. Even if you can get an extra 30-60 minutes sleep from your norm, this will have a huge impact on your productivity the next day. 


It is in those times when we are running around like headless chickens that we can feel the most disconnected from our loved ones and the reason behind it all. Allowing yourself some space in the calendar just to reflect on your vision for the month or year ahead, and to check in and reconnect with your family and friends can do the world of good.

Pay Attention to the Cycles

We have reached a funny point in society where the seasons where we should naturally be drawing in, reflecting and resting have become even busier than normal with Christmas parties, presents to buy and extra work piling up to cope with days off. Be aware of the cultural pressure to get everything done before the break and to say yes to everything. Work out ways that you can weave in rest and be really conscious about what you say yes to during those busy periods.

Traditionally the winter months have been a time of moving in, of introspection, of reflection, and coming back to oneself and realizing what’s important and letting things go at a time of recharging one’s batteries just as the leaves fall from the trees in the autumn and the fields life fellow for the winter. Our bodies too want this time of not being pushed to their limits of not having to produce and perform. It’s time to let the roots grow deep. It’s a time for germination to happen underneath the soil energetically for us as well. 

Cycles are especially important for women who should also be aware of their own hormonal cycles and how their energy levels fluctuate over the month. 

Ask for Help

When you are on the verge of burnout or overwhelm, it is time to call in the troops. We all want to think that we can do it alone, but humans are built to have community. We thrive better together. What jobs can you delegate and who can you ask for help to make more space? Even if it is just asking a friend to babysit so that you can have a few hours out on your own to replenish your energy, or asking a team member to support you get a project over the line. These small acts can have a big impact on your energy levels.

Write It Out

If you’re feeling depleted, if you’re feeling exhausted and feeling like you’re running on empty, the first thing that I recommend to do is grab your journal and journal. You could write it. That’s how I tend to get access. Or maybe you sit down and meditate or just reflect, but the first step is just to get tuned in to yourself and tuned into what’s going on for you and then ask your highest self, ask the part of you that’s really wise. Ask your inner wisdom – “What is it that I need most right now?” Sometimes it’s alone time. Sometimes it’s actually time with somebody who’s going to give you a hug and just hold you and cook you a meal. 

When you can identify what it is that you need, even if it’s just two hours in a museum, then you’ve got the tools to be able to ask for what you need. I will be doing a video in the next few weeks on how to ask for what you need. 

Please do share with me in the comments the impact that emergency self-care has had for you and which tip you are going to try out first.

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