Career Coach for Lawyers: 10 Key Benefits

As a career coach for lawyers, I am often asked about the benefits and how coaching can provide such a crucial level of clarity that so many of our legal peers are looking for.

Let’s dive straight into the top ten benefits of hiring a specialist career coach for lawyers:

Identify Your Vision

A great coach will help you to tap into your inner wisdom and help you to attain a deep level of fulfillment. Ideally, you will learn how to use what I call “whole self wisdom” which brings your mind, body and soul wisdom together to help you make decisions that are truly aligned to your purpose.

Make Smart Decisions

When we live from a place of what we “should” do, we are operating from a place of expectations and obligation, rather than living a life aligned with our values. This can be a real energy drain and stops us from being really present. 

Make Realistic Commitments

And create a plan and a genuine desire to take the positive steps. With a coach by your side, you can get really clear on your vision for the future and what action you need to take towards that. 

Get Unstuck 

If you have been stuck in patterns of imposter syndrome, people-pleasing or perfectionism, you will benefit from a coach who specializes in unraveling these old patterns. With a little work, you can identify the root cause of these limiting beliefs and get a new perspective on some old ideas. 

Hold the Focus

Coaching can help keep you accountable for the vision that you have for your career and life. They will help you to keep your goal in mind when opportunities in mind so that you can make the more aligned decision for you, and to stay focused when working.

Feel Supported 

Change can feel a little scary sometimes, so having someone beside you metaphorically holding your hand while you embed new habits and behaviors can help to support you and make sure that they stick.

Set Priorities in Alignment with your Values

One of the first things I do with my clients is to establish their career values. This can be a crucial part of the process because it will show us the underlying driver behind our behaviors. Once we identify your values, we can co-create an action plan that aligns with those drivers. 

Live a Balanced and Fulfilling Life

To have a strong and successful career, all of the pillars of our life – relationships, wealth, vitality, purpose, and community – need to be strong and stable. Working with a coach, you can help to iron out any wobbly pillars and make sure that you are bringing your whole self to all parts of your life. 

Shed Limiting Beliefs

Most lawyers have an element of some form of limiting belief: whether that’s a need for approval, perfectionism, people-pleasing, imposter syndrome…and so on. Coaching can help you to reframe any challenging beliefs that might be holding you back and release any emotional attachment you have to operating from that place of disempowerment.

Increased Confidence

As you learn to reframe and release old beliefs and emotions, increased confidence will be a natural byproduct. The more that we align with our inner wisdom and true values, the more that we can step up in an empowered way and change the way that we show up in the world.

If you’re interested in working with a career coach specialising in working with lawyers, click here to find out more

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