Probate Leighton Buzzard, BedfordshireYou need a writer that can get to the crux of your message quickly and effectively, whilst inspiring your audience to sit up and take action.

I have been writing articles and blog posts for the past ten years for numerous websites and can provide examples of my work if needed. I am also writing a collection of poetry entitled “Tomorrow’s Men” and one of my poems about climate change is being published in the Deep Times journal in August 2019. Deep Times is a publication run by Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects” team.

I run my own YouTube channel so have a great deal of experience in script writing, filming, loading videos onto YouTube and maximising the SEO impact to widen the reach. I have appeared on The Money Mindset Show on Radio Secklow 105.5 in July 2018 as a guest speaker. I have used both radio and video to convey my stories to audiences.

In my free-time, I have undertaken marketing training with a local digital marketing company, who have taught me about SEO best practice within written and video content. They also trained me on the creation of YouTube videos and how to maximise views.

My computer skills are very strong, and I am proficient in using numerous different systems including Office, Outlook, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign/MailChimp, Zoom, Skype and many project management programmes. I have a great deal of experience in launching and managing social media campaigns, and the creation of content for blog posts and YouTube videos.

My legal background means that I have a real skill for taking big, complex, and sometimes scary, topics and breaking them down into a simple and engaging message. I can get to the crux of the problem and summarise in a way that people can understand and be inspired.

Whilst I love my work, I also enjoy spending my time with friends, going to the theatre and painting. I especially enjoy writing stories for her children.

I have worked from home whilst raising my two boys, James and Thomas, and have been with my husband Sean for over ten years now.

On this website, you can find examples of my writing and details of the events that I run with my good friends Farzana and Abigail.